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We Love You, Kipnis, But…


Kipnis looked terrible again today … and guess where he was hitting? 3 spot




Yup. And now we’re trying to sign him to a six-year contract hahahahahahahhahahaa

He and Brantley are the same age…


What? A six-year deal? What on earth for?

With the kind of infielders we have, we should NOT be thinking long term with him

He’s kinda turning into a Peralta HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

Man I really hope we don’t sign him, unless he stays tradeable but I worry that might not happen


HAHAHAHAHA well he’s got two big reasons he’s waaaay better than Peralta… speed and defense. But it does seem a little premature. They are also looking at a long term deal with Brantley. Brantley is eligible for arbitration after this year, Kipnis after 2014. So with Kip the deal might not get done til after this year. The reason that people think they’ll be 5 to 6 year deals is because the front office said they wanted to avoid arbitration and maybe some free agency years with both of them.


Well I know he’s better than P Pot but I think they have to do everything they can to lock up Brantley before anything else, and 6 years is just too long anyway

Yeah realistically they shouldn’t even think about it til they have to. Like next year. I’m most nervous that they won’t do enough to keep Brantley and he’s key. I’m just saying Kip is a lot more dispensable in our future with our fleet of talent in middle infield

Not that they shouldn’t offer him anything, just not until we have more important pieces locked up

It just makes me mad cuz Brantley isn’t as popular as Kip and if that’s why we sign him before MB…. gah

Logically, they should deal with Brantley before Kipnis


Oh yeah I totally agree. Right now I don’t even like seeing pictures of Kipnis hahahahahahahahah